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Solid carbide milling tools & 3D printing

With us you will find the right tool for every machining task. Benefit from many years of experience in the field of carbide and diamond tools for: aluminum, copper, steel, graphite, plastic, acrylic, GRP, FR4, POM, wood and many more.

VHM-Schaftfräser Diamantverzahnt mit 1/8" Schaft für Verbundwerkstoffe bei AS-TOOLSTORE

High-quality milling cutters and drills made of solid carbide with 1/8" shank

Our high-quality solid carbide milling cutters and drills are not only extremely wear-resistant, but also incredibly durable. All of our solid carbide milling tools are compatible with standard CNC milling machines from VHF, Datron and other manufacturers and are available in different sizes, ground joints and variable spiral lengths. In our extensive range, you will always find the perfect tool for a wide range of materials, such as:

  • Aluminium & non-ferrous metals
  • Plastics such as PC, PMMA, POM and PS
  • Composite materials such as GRP, CFRP, FR4
  • Woodand
  • many more!
Milling cutter & drill with 1/8" shank

Milling cutter for composite materials and circuit boards insulation milling

These special solid carbide milling cutters with diamond & spiral toothing are equipped with a special toothing that ensures excellent cutting performance and a long service life when machining composite materials. This toothing with chip breakers enables clean and precise milling of materials such as GRP or CFRP without material breakage or fibre breakage. We also offer these milling cutters with a high-quality diamond coating.
The resistant diamond coating increases the tool life by a further 6-12 times.

Solid carbide milling cutter for composite materials
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AMB/Kress Spannzange DIN6388A liegend | AS-TOOLSTORE

Wide range of CNC accessories

Our range of accessories not only offers first-class quality, but also unbeatable versatility at affordable prices. In addition to high-precision collets in different sizes for AMB/Kress spindles, you will also find stop rings for milling cutters with 1/8" shank, practical storage boxes for milling tools and GRP/CFK laminate cuts in the FR4 standard.

CNC accessories & GRP plates
Fiberlogy PLA Filament Navy Blau | AS-TOOLSTORE

Premium filament for all common 3D printers with a 1.75 mm diameter

Our PLA and PETG filament is suitable for beginners and experienced 3D printing enthusiasts alike. Thanks to the very precise manufacturing and the consistent diameter, uniform extrusion is guaranteed over the long term. The low tendency to warp & warp during the printing process makes the filament a very user-friendly material that ensures reliable and beautiful results. Choose from a wide range of different colors to make your 3D prints even more impressive. By the way, our filament is also suitable for the Bambu Lab AMS system.

PLA & PETG 3D Filament